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Art Camp

This summer, we held our annual “Summer Camp"  Program for elementary kids. The program gave our members the chance to provide the students a fun, educational, and hands-on experience through various art forms. Working with clay, water color, glue, acrylic, and even salt, participants were able to create pieces of art that reflected their blossoming creativity. One major goal of “Summer Camp” was to try and cultivate each child’s imagination so that it does not get diminished with age. The students and volunteers were able to form close bonds throughout the week as each child progressively became more outspoken and comfortable. All of the art projects, personally curated by members of the club, were taken home by the students with admiration and pride. Being able to watch the children enjoy the process was a fulfilling experience that captivated the essence of creating art, to have fun.

2023 Summercamp.jpg
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