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Who We Are


Rising Bright Youth Project strives to create learning opportunities for disadvantaged communities, through various sub-projects like Project Life of Literacy, Project Building Literacy Together, Project This is Love, and many more. Our goal is to spread awareness to the value of education and provide students with a variety of ways to assist their community. We believe that as students, we have the skill and the drive to advocate for our peers in our local, national, and international communities. Opening up opportunities for teens to contribute, we hope to teach children the power of self-advocacy and initiation in order to help them pursue the education that America and the world’s youth all deserve. We believe that there will always be people who suffer, people who are silenced, and people who are in need. To those we help, our actions are life-changing. In a larger context, the world can not be changed so easily, but we hope to make changes little by little because even the smallest changes make a big difference. 

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